Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

Lisa Jackson-Schebetta (MFA, PhD) is an assistant professor of Theatre Arts at the University of Pittsburgh, with experience in international and trans-cultural collaboration.  As a theatre history and performance studies scholar, her work focuses on the hemispheric and global Americas. Jackson-Schebetta is a director, devisor, dramaturg and acting, voice and movement teacher.

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My work as a scholar combines performance studies and theatre history. I am particularly interested in how performance enables, facilitates, and/or imagines worlds otherwise: worlds that might have been, or worlds that might yet to be. The sites of my work are situated primarily within the hemispheric Americas and Iberia.



As a creative researcher, I contend that we imagine through our bodies: performance makes theory as rigorously as theory makes performance. As such, my aesthetic incorporates athletic physicality, imaginative visuals, and “text” conceptualized broadly to include objects, bodies, space, sound, and image. I seek to destabilize expectations in order to mobilize the imagination.



As a teacher, I am deeply interested in the questions that drive each student, as a human, scholar, and artist.  How, in teaching, can I make space for and sustain students’ passions while simultaneously crafting assignments, content, and activities that will train curiosity, rigor, and discipline?



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“Remember history.  Teach it.  Learn it.  Honor it.  Be passionate about your theory and your politics, and communicate that passion widely.  Believe in things, and share your beliefs faithfully.”


- Jill Dolan, Geographies of Learning


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