Lisa Jackson-Schebetta

Dr. Lisa Jackson-Schebetta is an assistant professor of Theatre Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a secondary appointment with Hispanic Languages and Literatures and is affiliated faculty with Center for Latin American Studies, Global Studies Center, Center for European Studies, Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies and Cultural Studies.


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My work as a scholar combines performance studies and theatre history. I am particularly interested in how performance enables, facilitates, and/or imagines worlds otherwise: worlds that might have been, or worlds that might yet to be. The sites of my work are situated primarily within the hemispheric Americas and Iberia.

As a creative researcher, I contend that we imagine through our bodies: performance makes theory as rigorously as theory makes performance. As such, my aesthetic incorporates athletic physicality, imaginative visuals, and “text” conceptualized broadly to include objects, bodies, space, sound, and image. I seek to destabilize expectations in order to mobilize the imagination.

As a teacher, I am deeply interested in the questions that drive each student, as a human, scholar, and artist.  How, in teaching, can I make space for and sustain students’ passions while simultaneously crafting assignments, content, and activities that will train curiosity, rigor, and discipline?


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“Remember history.  Teach it.  Learn it.  Honor it.  Be passionate about your theory and your politics, and communicate that passion widely.  Believe in things, and share your beliefs faithfully.”


- Jill Dolan, Geographies of Learning


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