As a dramaturg, I support the story—the playwright’s vision, the director’s interpretation, the design team’s realizations, and the cast’s immersion. I seek to fuel imaginations, to situate the work within historical and cultural contexts, and to facilitate connections across audience communities.  My extensive experience as a practitioner --with new works, classics, devised works, and musicals—provides me with a unique sensitivity to each new rehearsal process.


My background in public humanities informs supporting events—from digital resources, to symposia, to readings, to community building activities.


Dramaturgy Material Samples

Water by the Spoonful

Dramaturgy site by Dr. Lisa Jackson-Schebetta, Val "Jay" Gerard García, Jr. and Maria Sofia Barboza

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Actor Packet for The Misanthrope

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Her Hamlet Script Excerpt

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Event Posters


Reading series of new works produced by Lisa Jackson-Schebetta


Symposium in conjunction with In the Heights

“Remember history.  Teach it.  Learn it.  Honor it.  Be passionate about your theory and your politics, and communicate that passion widely.  Believe in things, and share your beliefs faithfully.”


- Jill Dolan, Geographies of Learning


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